About Us

Start With Why....

Erebus Digital was founded to fill a key gap in the market: To bridge the gap between business and IT departments.

Giving technologists the skills to speak the language of finance and help businesses to understand how to use technology as an enabler, not as a necessary cost centre.

How we work....

We inspire organisations and deliver successful transformations on how people and organisations get work done using our in-depth experience, proven leadership and visionary thinking - backed up with detailed market research and analytics.

What we do....

We help you successfully adopt new technologies - not just the tools but also culture and ways of working - and achieve cost reduction and optimisation for your organisations seeking results driven outcomes.

Jez Back - Founder

Meet our Founder

Jez Back is a published Cloud Analyst, TV Host & Producer, as well as the founder and Managing Director of Erebus Digital. Regularly working with C-Suite executives to Solution Architects, he is well-versed in operating within a complex stakeholder landscape by building trust through a balance of business and technical skills. He has helped several businesses deliver digital and technology transformations using Cloud Technologies as an enabler. Known for making compelling Cloud Computing Strategies & Business Cases, his reputation is well known in the industry.